Autokoberce pro Baic BJ20

The Baic BJ20 is a compact CUV. This means that this model features an elevated ride height built on a one-piece chassis structure. The car mats BAIC designed entirely to this model. The very first version of the Baic BJ20 was already concept shown at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2015. In 2016, the very first production model was launched. After several years, Baic decided to change the Baic BJ20 to the name: Baic BJ30. This model has the same powertrain and also features 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine. Besides telling you many more facts, we would also like to tell you a bit about our own products, namely: the car mats Baic BJ20. The car mats Baic BJ20 are available in 4 different qualities: super velour, velour, ribbed carpet and needle felt. These qualities are sorted by price range, with supervelour being in the highest price range. This quality is therefore extra thick and has a chic appearance. Are you rather looking for a slightly cheaper mat, but which still has a chic appearance?
Vyberte si rok výroby svého automobilu. Máte-li jakékoliv pochybnosti o tom, zda Vámi vybraný typ odpovídá, napište nám a my Vám poradíme. Po dokončení výběru se Vám ukáží koberce, které máme pro Váš vůz k dispozici.